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Dasimo Jewelry offers handmade jewelry in many styles and materials.

To see a sample of items from our recent jewelry shows, as well as pieces we've custom-made for our "Jewelry Ambassador," Gwen Ford, please visit her Facebook page at:

Dasimo Jewelry gallery on Gwen Ford's Facebook

We're on Facebook now, too! Check us out:

Dasimo Jewelry's Facebook Page

Here are a couple more images of custom-made pieces:

Sterling Silver Helm Weave Bracelet

This is a 7-inch Sterling silver helm weave chain mail bracelet with toggle clasp.
(Full-size image)

Sterling Silver Helm Weave 2-in-2 Necklace

This is a 16-inch Sterling silver helm weave 2-in-2 chain mail necklace with magnetic clasp. There are also 4-inch and 8-inch extenders, which offer the additional options of wearing it as either a 20-inch or 24-inch necklace. The main section is done in helm weave and the rest is a 2-in-2 chain.
(Full-size image)

If you'd like to see more, you can download the PDF at the link below, which has detailed pictures of the necklace (including the 4-inch and 8-inch extender chains) and the matching bracelet.

Sterling Silver Helm 2-in-2 Necklace and Bracelet PDF 1.4MB

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